Twitter Up Your Business

Twitter Up Your Business

by Maneesh Sethi

eBook includes PDF.

In Twitter Up Your Business, author Maneesh sethi teaches you how to use Twitter to create a following and boost your business!

How to market your business on Twitter

In this Rockable* Mini-Book, author Maneesh Sethi takes a look at the social networking phenomenon Twitter from the perspective of a business owner, and explains how to make the most of the service to boost your company’s brand, popularity, and — of course — sales.

By the time you’ve finished this book, you’ll know not only the basics of Twitter usage, but how to:

  • deliver value in only 140 characters,
  • build a loyal following, and
  • use that following to expand your reach and market your business.

About the author

Maneesh Sethi

Maneesh Sethi is an author and programmer from the United States - but he’s not the conventional type.

Passionate about international travel, he moved his business online and embraced the power of Twitter and social media to become completely location independent so that he can work while travelling. He has so far lived in Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and India, and aims to keep adding new countries to this list.

He has written six books to date, and a few titles such as Game Programming for Teens, were bestsellers in several countries in Europe and North America. Maneesh is also a student at Stanford University.

You can follow Maneesh on Twitter at @maneeshsethi, and learn more about him from his website, where you can follow his adventures around the world and watch him do push-ups in ridiculous locations.