Rockstar Personal Branding

Rockstar Personal Branding

by Skellie

eBook available as PDF.

Personal branding isn't very different than product branding, except that the entity being branded is you.

"Just like Nike uses its brand to attach a certain personality and uniqueness to the shoes it sells, your personal brand is made up of the qualities and unique traits you relay about yourself. Your personal brand represents the way you want other people to think about you. 

Personal branding hinges on perception and the stories you tell about yourself: the things you emphasize and the things you don’t. Does personal branding involve lying? It shouldn’t. More than that, it shouldn’t have to. You don/t need to be a rockstar to build an extraordinary personal brand."
- from Rockstar Personal Branding by Skellie

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About the author


Skellie is the former editor of FreelanceSwitch and has worked as a freelance writer, marketer and consultant for clients sourced through her popular blog, Skelliewag.

She has written for Technorati Top 100 blogs like ProBlogger, Daily Blog Tips, Copyblogger and Zen Habits, and is the author of Successful Facebook Marketing and The Freelance Business Funnel. She works as a Product Manager at Envato.