LinkedIn and Lovin' It

LinkedIn and Lovin' It

by Susan Johnston

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Over 120 million professionals use LinkedIn, but how strong is your professional network? In LinkedIn and Lovin' It writer Susan Johnston teaches you how to build a rock solid LinkedIn network that can be a constant source for recommendations and referrals.

Nine-to-fivers often turn to LinkedIn when they're searching for a job. But the site also offers tons of useful tools and features for freelancers, small business owners, and creative professionals, not just those interested in finding a corporate job.

LinkedIn lets you focus on building and maintaining your professional network in a strategic and targeted fashion. It allows users to send and receive messages, join groups around industries and common interests, ask and answer questions, stay in touch with colleagues and clients, view job postings, and a whole lot more.

From the author...

"As a freelance writer, I've had a LinkedIn profile for several years now, and I frequently hear from recruiters and prospective clients who find me through the site.

Although LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for freelancers and other creative professionals, I noticed that much of the information on LinkedIn is geared towards job-seekers. So, I decided to create my own guide specifically tailored to people who consult, freelance, or own a business.

I'd written several shorter articles and blog posts about LinkedIn and I have other 400 connections, so I thought I understood the site's full potential. Not so! In the course of interviewing other creative professionals and researching this guide, I discovered a bevy of useful features and creative ways to use the site that few users know about.

With tons of screenshots and case studies, my LinkedIn guide will introduce you to several of LinkedIn's lesser-known features in addition to offering tips on creating an irresistible profile, adding connections, and a whole lot more. You'll meet creative professionals who've landed new clients, reconnected with colleagues, and met collaborators, all through LinkedIn.

Few other resources cover LinkedIn in this much detail, so I'm excited to share these tips."

What the book covers...

Set up every aspect of your profile for maximum response.

Your on-line presence is your life—make the most of it. Susan walks you through what makes a compelling LinkedIn profile and how you can set yourself apart from the standard resume-speak. Learn why first person is a super effective tone for summaries and what details to always include in your specialties. Find out what updates improve your professional profile and what to avoid. Round out your profile with Susan's special tips for customizing LinkedIn's presentation options!

Build your network to reach your next top client, employer, or partner.

LinkedIn is not your average social network. Stop wasting time and figure out exactly how to get in touch with your next big job. Susan will walk you through requesting introductions and how to take advantage of LinkedIn's connections search tools. She'll also teach helpful tips on how to manage your network and ask for recommendations the right way!

Maximize your LinkedIn presence to put your work in the spotlight.

Your LinkedIn profile isn't just a glorified resume! Susan shares how to expertly create Company pages, write engaging summaries, and list products and services. Are you talking with the right people? Learn where to find the right, active Groups for your industry.

Do research, find jobs, follow companies, gather data.

Got a new client? Looking to get information on the competition? Want to be the first to know about an opening at your dream job? Want to know who's interested in you? We've got you covered. LinkedIn's robust research and search tools is an oft ignored gem. Susan walks you through how to research opportunities, companies, and clients on LinkedIn. Use that research to write better pitches and cover letters, find the right opportunity, reach out to the right people, and land the job!

...and much more!

Susan is your guide to getting the most out of LinkedIn. She combines her own insights with tips from successful pros around the world to get you up and running. From start to finish, from registration to advanced research, LinkedIn and Lovin' It aims to help you make new connections, show off your accomplishments, and find new opportunities.

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What they're saying...

"Despite how much I thought I already knew, this book goes even deeper. I walked away from it feeling inspired to do even more with my account."
Steph Auteri -

"LinkedIn and Loving It goes a step further than any other guide I've seen. Susan demonstrates how to strategically use the site as a multi-faceted job seeking, networking and self-promotion tool so you can land the clients you've always wanted."
Alyssa Martino -

"I've used LinkedIn to land client work in the past, but LinkedIn and Loving It has given me clear steps to do even more with my profile."
Thursday R. Bram -

About the author

Susan Johnston

Susan Johnston is a Boston-based freelance writer whose articles have appeared in publications including AOL Jobs, The Boston Globe,,,, PARADE Magazine,, and

She also writes marketing materials for copywriting clients and created, an awardwinning blog about the freelance life.

For more info, visit her website at