How to Write Great Copy for the Web

How to Write Great Copy for the Web

by Donna Spencer

eBook includes PDF.

In How to Write Great Copy for the Web, author Donna Spencer will help you start writing content for the web that works!

Learn about how writing web copy differs from other forms of writing, and how writing useful, functional and concise copy can both help persuade your readers, and also help with search engine optimization!

  • Whether it’s for your own site, or for somebody else, How to Write Great Copy for the Web will quickly bring you up to speed with some clever techniques and strategies that will make you popular with your site’s visitors or with your clients!

About the author

Donna Spencer

Author Donna Spencer is a freelance writer, information architect and interaction designer from Australia.

The majority of her work relates to large government websites, and she’s served on various boards including the Information Architecture Institute (international). She runs a variety of workshops and speaks at both local and international conferences on a regular basis.

Donna has also written a book called Card Sorting: Designing Usable Categories, and she runs an annual conference on user experience called UX Australia (

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