Getting Good with JavaScript

Getting Good with JavaScript

by Andrew Burgess

Both eBook and print versions come with PDF, ePub and Kindle files. This book also includes source files and 6 hours of screencasts.

Ever wanted to liven up a web design with Javascript but not known where to start? In Getting Good with JavaScript, author Andrew Burgess breaks down programming in JavaScript into easy, straight-forward terms and exercises.

JavaScript has become one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. This book will get you acquainted with JavaScript; what it is, where it came from, and most importantly—how to code it!

It's hard to find a place where JavaScript won't run, and though the overwhelming majority of JavaScript—especially the code you'll be writing in this book—will be in web pages, JavaScript is used not only in web browsers, but also desktop apps, mobile phone apps, and now even on the server, so you definitely won't be wasting your time Getting Good with JavaScript!

About the author

Andrew Burgess

Andrew Burgess is a Canadian web developer and a staff writer for Nettuts+, where he has published numerous popular tutorials and screencasts.

Andrew is also the author of several Rockable Press titles, and a web development reviewer on Envato’s Tuts+ Marketplace. As a web developer, he specializes in JavaScript and Ruby. Andrew lives with his family in Oshawa, Canada.

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