Freelance Confidential

Freelance Confidential

by Amanda Hackwith

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Drawing on survey statistics from over 3,200 freelancers world-wide, and insights from 10 notable experts, Amanda Hackwith exposes the whole truth on successful freelancing in Freelance Confidential!

You're talented, you're reliable, you're professional. What's holding your business back from where you want to be?

In Freelance Confidential, FreelanceSwitch editor Amanda Hackwith uncovers the facts and myths about freelancing and reveals what freelancers at any stage of business need to know:

  • How much do others charge?
  • Where do you find new clients?
  • How do you promote your work?

Drawing on survey statistics from over 3,200 participants and insights from 10 notable experts, including Envato's Collis Ta'eed and Freelancers Academy's Ed Gandia, Amanda Hackwith asks frank questions and gets the answers that will help your freelance business grow.

Whether you're a successful freelancer who's reached a plateau or one who's just starting out, learn the truths to success in Freelance Confidential.

"This wonderful e-book provides a clear view into the state of freelancing around the globe. It's filled with tips and insights from actual working freelancers on everything from promoting your services to diversifying your income stream. In a business where many of us often feel isolated, Freelance Confidential delivers a great dose of encouragement and fresh perspectives. Don't wait—read it today!"
Ed Gandia -

"Freelance Confidential is a goldmine of information for freelancers in any industry. Based on the global statistics gathered from the Freelance Switch survey and with contributions from experienced freelancers, the information contained in the book provides extremely valuable insights for seasoned freelancers who are looking for ways to take their business to the next level."
Lea Woodward - / Location Independent

"Making the switch to a freelance career can be incredibly daunting. You absolutely must know what kind of environment you're getting yourself into. Amanda's beautifully succinct and informative Freelance Confidential is the perfect resource to familiarize yourself with the truths behind this boss-less lifestyle. It's a required read for all existing and potential freelancers."
Jeffery Way -

About the author

Amanda Hackwith

Amanda Hackwith is a writer and creative director based out of Omaha, Nebraska. She is a creative producer for Tuts+ and Envato, and generally spends her days producing new web projects and content. She has authored two books for Rockable Press: Freelance Confidential and Web Design Confidential and both are available via Rockable Press and Amazon.

You can find Amanda on Tuts+ Premium, her personal blog ( ), and as @ajhackwith on Twitter.